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The Debaters | CBC Radio

debatersHey cool!

Cleavage’s own Diana Frances was on CBC Radio 1’s The Debaters today where she debated the very hilarious Patrick McKenna about whether or not fireworks are dumb.

If you missed it, click HERE for sample giggle of the episode. We will let you know when it will re-air so you can catch it…or just wait till it comes out on Itunes!

And for fun, here’s a terrible photo of Diana backstage trying to get The Debater’s backdrop in a shot!


Why There Are Fewer Women in Comedy


Are women funny?

Of course they are! Just look at Ellie’s face in this photo.

Although this question has been asked a lot in the last few years for the sake of sensational headlines (looking at you dead Christopher Hitchens and nearly dead Jerry Lewis,) the Cleavage ladies believe it’s not the question we should be asking.

A far more interesting discussion is WHY there are fewer women in comedy.

Back in 2005, Cleavage co-founder Diana Frances did a radio documentary on this very subject for the CBC Radio 1 show ‘Definitely Not the Opera’. (Ellie Harvie is one of the interviews, so yay for extra Cleavage!)

We’ve had requests to replay the doc so here it is in its entirety.

It’s interesting to note that this aired before Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and Kristin Wiig exploded all over the face of comedy…yet the gals at the end of the doc were calling for this exact need! (Though I’d still love to see Canadian versions of Fey/Poehler/Wiig get as much love and success.)

Oh, one other note – this doc was aired before someone could explain to Diana that ‘self-depreciating’ isn’t a word. Cut her some slack. She was young and frightened of big words.

Give it a listen, ‘like’ and share away! Or leave your comments below. We love a hearty exchange on this subject!