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Customized Improv Comedy

A Leave it to Cleavage customized improv show is just that – customized to suit your event and company.

The girls interview you in advance to find out the inside scoop on who your audience is, what the common issues they face and who the notable personalities are. This information is seamlessly woven into a hilarious on-the-spot improv comedy show that may also include some lucky audience volunteers joining them on stage.

They may recreate a ‘Day in the Life’ of the CEO, do a ‘Word-at-a-Time’ story about Steve from Accounting who just got a promotion or get Nancy, the newest hire, to provide all the sound effects for a scene.

Leave it to Cleavage has performed all across Canada and can travel to your event, no matter how big or small. Their 30-60 minute shows are the perfect way to inject inclusive comedy into every situation.

For availability and rates, please click HERE to contact us.

“This is a letter of reference for Leave it to Cleavage. 

Their show captivated an audience of approximately 200 people for the entire evening and their improv was the highlight of the night: it was absolutely hilarious and tied into the event perfectly. 

 SEFAC would be honored to work with them again in any capacity.”

Christine Cowern

Director of Communications, SEFAC Foundation

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