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1950’s Battle of the Sexes Game Show

The ORIGINAL Housewives of Your Town!

Leave it to  Cleavage is a ‘Battle of the Sexes’ game show that finally answers the question: ‘Who wears the pants in the family?”

Hosted by delightful 50’s housewives (and their sullen Russian maid), the show incorporates audience volunteers, game show questions and hilarious improv scenes.

The contestants are all from the audience and the multiple choice skill testing questions can be customized for your event. Contestants ‘win a chance to win a chance to win TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS’ and everyone goes home a winner with a can of Spam.

This partly scripted, partly improvised Game Show is the perfect way to include a LOT of audience participation and inside information into your next event.

For availability and rates, please click HERE to contact us.

“Just wanted to say again what a great show you guys put on Saturday night. The audience loved it, and it was a terrific night of comedy. Adding the character of Rosa was truly inspired.”

David Mann, Performing Arts Manager

Evergreen Cultural Centre


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